02 May – 05 May 2017

2 May – 5 May 2017

After a relaxing bank holiday weekend, the team at WRMH HQ were ready for an energetic week ahead, continuing their planning for our new schemes of learning and delivering some brilliant sessions.



Caroline, Stephanie and Paul were out delivering one of our full day courses on Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change. The delegates enjoyed seeing how the concepts could be taught in an engaging and meaningful way for students – they can’t wait to get back to their classes so they can implement the techniques! Here’s a photo of Paul explaining how to teach students to work flexibly by using multiple methods:

You can find out more about the full range of courses we offer here.


The maths hub team booked sessions over Wednesday and Thursday to do some extra preparation for our Sep 2017 schemes of learning. Teachers from Cambridge, Hartlepool, Stockton, Huddersfield and Hampshire were invited to share their input, ensuring that the resources meet their teaching needs effectively. Here are some photos of the team using their fantastic planning skills:


For further information and to register for our free schemes, click here.


The team continued their hard work on our free schemes today. However, the day was eventually interrupted by some unexpected special guests as part of ‘may the 4th be with you’ – even Darth Vader loves diagnostic questions! We also had some delicious Star Wars themed biscuits to keep us feeling refreshed during our productive planning session…take a look:



Stephanie had a busy day at Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Friday for a meeting regarding a very exciting upcoming project – all will be revealed in next week’s diary! The team also put together some useful compilation booklets containing all our popular WRMH Problems of the Day, in preparation for SATs. To access the KS1 booklet, please click here. Alternatively, our KS2 compilation can be found on this page.