03 April – 07 April 2017

03 April – 7 April 2017

It has been a busy week at the WRMH HQ, as the maths hub team have been planning and updating all our free schemes of learning and assessments to get these ready and at their best for the new school term beginning in September 2017!



Kelsey was visiting a primary school in Hertfordshire today to deliver a Year 5 model lesson – these are a brilliant way of observing how maths can be delivered in a fun and engaging way, and helping to develop the skills of staff with new and inspiring ideas! To find out more information about the school-to-school support we offer, please click here. In the afternoon, Jennifer and Kelsey had a productive meeting to discuss updates to our free assessments for the new term – these are incredibly popular! The updates are based on all your feedback about areas and needs, and also made to ensure they are at the highest quality possible. You can access the assessments through our Dropbox – if you are not already signed up, you can register here.


Caroline was doing some exciting planning for our free secondary maths schemes today – these are an excellent way of adding a boost to your curriculum for September 2017! Jennifer also spent some time updating our fractions materials to make sure they were at their best for our ‘Understanding Fractions’ course. Stephanie met with one of our maths hub partners to discuss exciting developments regarding support packages for maths lessons – keep an eye out for announcements!


Caroline was visiting a local university today to inspire maths careers and teaching… for further information about all the services we provide, please feel free to contact us. Stephen was out leading a Probability session at a local primary school – the delegates were particularly excited to build on their knowledge of using tree diagrams as a way of simplifying probabilities for their pupils!


Kelsey, Beth, Jennifer and Stephen had a productive session over Thursday and Friday to do some more work on updates to our schemes of learning. For more information on these, click here. Stephanie and Caroline were attending a key meeting with another of our maths hub partners to discuss an exciting new project – watch this space to find out more!


Beth and Stephen were out delivering a Bar Modelling twilight today at a local primary school. Our Bar Modelling sessions are fantastic for exploring key Bar Modelling concepts and giving delegates the opportunity to try them out.