08 May – 12 May 2017

08 May – 12 May 2017

The team at WRMH HQ made some great progress updating our free assessments this week…also, a very special announcement was made regarding an upcoming event!



Jennifer was out teaching a Y4 model lesson at a local school today – these are a fantastic way of observing how maths can be delivered in a fun and engaging way. The model lessons are part of our bespoke school-to-school support sessions, which can be used to support maths teaching in schools. For further information on these, please click here.

A great piece of news to start off the week, with two new role appointments at the maths hub HQ. We are pleased to announce that Caroline has been appointed the new White Rose Maths Hub Lead, while Beth has been successful in getting the role of Senior Primary Specialist to help lead our growing team of Primary Specialists. Congratulations to both on their respective appointments  – they are very excited and can’t wait to get started in their new roles!



Over Tuesday and Wednesday, the team booked some time to work on the updates to our free assessments for the new term. The updates they have been making are based on all your feedback about areas and needs, and are also made to ensure they are at the highest quality possible. Our updated schemes are due to be launched on 20 June 2017, so keep a lookout for these! To find out more about our popular assessment resources and access them through our Dropbox, click here.


The assessment updates continued on Wednesday, with both sessions turning out to be very productive and collaborative – as the WRMH team always says, “team work makes the dream work!”.  Kelsey and Stephen delivered a CPA (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract) course at a local primary school in the afternoon. The delegates particularly enjoyed learning how they could teach using concrete manipulatives in a more meaningful way.


Beth and Kelsey were out leading a CPD course today. Our CPD training sessions are great for developing a deeper understanding of concepts and learning how to implement these effectively in the classroom. They also help to develop the skills of staff, by providing them with inspiration and practical ideas they can implement immediately. To find out more about our CPD sessions, please contact us.


Big news today… As you may be aware, Stephanie has been attending a number of key meetings over the past couple of months for a very exciting upcoming event. We are delighted to announce that Stephanie has been able to finalise a special WRMH maths trail, taking place at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The announcement has generated a lot of enthusiasm, with teachers and schools already asking her where they can sign up! Here are some of the photos from her visit:

The event is due to be launched towards the end of June – keep an eye out for further updates coming soon!