10 – 14 October

An action packed week, two LIME events and a very poor effort at an omelette…

Kelsey and Jennie had a long drive back from Essex after delivering training, but used the time in the car to think about future resources – they never quite switch off from their busy roles. Jill spent the morning reviewing feedback from the TRG Mastery Event and planning next steps – the event was very well received and there are some exciting ideas in the pipeline that will enable other schools to benefit more widely.

Caroline enjoyed attending the LIME Oldham event, which is just down the road for Manchester based Caroline. The gorgeous Rusty dog has been a little unwell recently which has been worrying the office (who mostly all own dogs, apart from Paul whose allergies deprive him of everything but probably a goldfish). We were relieved to know that the vet has confirmed he is fine, but poor Caroline was not so good when she saw yet another big vet bill – she was so distracted her omelette became a scrambled mess.

Natasha was disappointed to find that all the lovely plants she has bought for the new office are beyond rescuing due to a lack of water. However, with over eight training events happening this week including Paul’s whole school Bar Modelling training and a Calculating with Fractions course, remembering to water the plants has not even been added to the jobs list for the admin team.

The team joined the second LIME event of the week, LIME Yorkshire. It was a fantastic evening and a great opportunity to meet lots of schools all keen to develop their maths practice. Tony had a busy day speaking to other hubs at the National Maths Forum and discussing ways that the White Rose Maths Hub could possibly work with other hubs. Corinne spent a chunk of the day on the phone speaking to schools interested in applying for the second cohort of the KS3 mastery reasoning project. This is a great opportunity for schools to be supported to develop the reasoning skills of students – further information can be found by emailing Corinne at c.angier@trinitytsa.co.uk

It is the last day of term and the team have been busy ensuring everything is completed before the break, and were slightly jealous of Kelsey who has booked a last-minute break to Majorca. Paul spent the day delivering whole school training on Bar Modelling, whilst the admin team has enjoyed getting ready for a busy new term and preparing for INSET day in many schools on 31 October – all of the team are booked to deliver whole school training.

Caroline's not so great evening meal..

Caroline’s not so great evening meal…

Please note that the team have a two week half term and our next diary will be early November – we hope all readers have a restful October break.