10 July – 14 July 2017

10 July – 14 July 2017

It was an action-packed week at the WRMH HQ, with the Boss of the North competition taking place, the Maths Hub team taking some time out for a three-day CPD session, presenting at a LIME event, and delivering a fantastic bar modelling course! 



Beth, Stephanie, Paul and Stephen were out on Monday delivering a full day course on Questioning and Variation. The course is an excellent way to help teachers build on their questioning skills, which consequently leads to a deeper understanding of topics for students. It allows teachers to consider a different approach when planning lessons – for example, asking ‘what do I want students to think about?’ rather than ‘What do I want the students to do?’. To find out more, click here.


Jenny enjoyed presenting a CPD session on Tuesday at LIME’s (Leaders Improving Mathematics Education) very first SEND event. The day focused on using concrete manipulatives effectively in the maths curriculum to create a wider and more considered understanding for students. The event had a great turnout, and we received some lovely feedback! Here are some photos from the day:



The WRMH team also booked out a little time this week to participate in a three-day CPD session from Tuesday to Thursday. The session was based around improving our existing CPD resources, and the team had fun testing out resources (such as jigsaw puzzles!) to ensure they were as engaging as possible and easy to implement. Here’s the Maths Hub team after an exciting three days of CPD and teamwork:


Stephanie and Paul had a great time on Friday leading an all-day Bar Modelling course in Leeds – take a look at Jenny in action, discussing the use of Bar Modelling techniques for fractions:

Our popular course provides an overview of this powerful approach, and how it works, as well as providing extensive examples of how Bar Modelling can be used to help students plan how to solve complex worded problems. The next WRMH Bar Modelling event will be taking place on Thursday 5 October 2017. To find out more or book your place, click here.

In other news for this week, the ‘Boss of the North’ competitions (in partnership with Mangahigh) are at an end, with several prizes being given out in the forms of medals and vouchers. We had lots of impressive scores over the competition week – a huge congratulations in particular to all students who managed to reach the Top 10 lists!

Thank you to all schools who took part and sent in their fantastic photos of students engaging with their maths challenges. Here are the final Top 10 lists of students and schools: