13 June – 17 June

13 June – 17 June

A week of chocolate, dreams of bar modelling and one very cheeky horse…

Monday: Jennie and Edele were delighted to secure the hub’s first international booking! A school in Tokyo have booked a training session with Beth and Kelsey. The girls are hoping there will be time to squeeze in some sightseeing whilst they are there. Meanwhile, Katie planned her TSST Year 7-9 courses for next year. More details to follow, but if you cannot wait until then why not pre-register your interest here.

Tuesday: Beth prepared for a day at the Yorkshire Riding Maths Hub Summer Conference in Harrogate. She represented the WRMH at the conference and showcased the range of courses, events and resources that we offer. Beth got the chance to attend a keynote speech from the Director of NRICH, Ems Lord and also met NCETM’s Director for Primary, Debbie Morgan. Don’t forget that Debbie Morgan is co-hosting our TSST session on 22 June. To secure your place, please click here.

Wednesday: Paul woke up after dreaming about bar modelling and wasn’t sure where he was! He had stepped back in time to the final school built by Mr Cadbury in Bournville, Birmingham. This is the village that later inspired the now famous Bournville chocolate. Paul delivered his Bar Modelling course here and we have heard that the session was as delightful as the chocolate! Twitter also went mad over the session with one delegate tweeting @WRMathsHub: “Paul Rowlandson training today = inspirational! Progression spot on + learnt about excellent delivery!”

Thursday: Emily Fox showcased her fantastic fractions lesson for 25 delegates that were attending our Shanghai Experience Day. The lesson was a success and with one delegate commenting, “I loved the chance to see a Shanghai style lesson with a UK twist. The use of bar modelling made so much sense, it has truly inspired me.  Can’t wait to put what I have learnt into practice.” In the afternoon, Beth sacrificed watching the England v Wales match to deliver twilight sessions for the Calder Valley Cluster. Now that is dedication!

Friday: You might remember a certain horse inspired Statistics question. His name was Tino and he is Caroline’s horse. Horse owners reading this will know the amount of time needed to care for them – Tino occupies most of Caroline’s time outside of work! Tino recently moved to a professional yard called Shaw Farm Equestrian in Todmorden so that Caroline does not need to worry about him whilst she’s busy with the hub. Whilst Tino has settled in to his new home, he was the centre of gossip at the yard today when he was caught kissing his new girlfriend Tallulah over the stable door. Keep an eye out for cheeky Tino in our future questions – Tallulah may also be making an appearance!

The hub would like to wish Paul the best of luck as he flies to Japan for school visits, lesson studies and workshops – we are really excited to hear all about it on his return.