14 – 18 November

14 – 18 November 2016

Lots of launches, new resources and throwback Friday…

Caroline had a stressful time uploading the new Year 8 schemes and assessments to the resource area when the office wi-fi connection dropped off. Thankfully, it was resolved and these are now available! She spent the afternoon confirming applications for our Teaching Assistant support programme – if you have expressed an interest, but haven’t received an email yet, please do contact us.

The team are currently working on the spring schemes of work, as relevant to their area of expertise – as always, if you are registered for the schemes and assessments, you will be alerted as soon as they are available.

Kelsey spent the day incorporating feedback from our new decimals and percentages course. All of our courses undergo a rigorous quality assurance process, and are tested to ensure that they are ready for our delegates. Paul was excited to sign off the visuals for our Bar Modelling conference on Thursday 16 February 2017, ahead of our pre-launch on Friday.

Natasha had a busy day covering for the office, due to a training course and illness – she did an amazing job of preparing for a training course, taking phone calls and dealing with the hundreds of email queries our inbox receives each day.

Steph spent a day writing the Year 9 assessments – watch out for news of their announcement. Jill had a very successful meeting at Robin Hood School, exploring how our Primary Mastery Specialists will be used to support other schools to teach for mastery. Hayley prepared our web pages for our Bar Modelling conference – click here to take a look!

Conference launch day – and poor Tony launched his car, after deciding he would risk a slushy (very steep) road in the Yorkshire hills. He thankfully escaped unscathed, and saw the positives in the situation after spending the afternoon catching up on his emails whilst waiting for a rescue tow. Beth reminisced about her days as a student, after spending the day with trainees at Leeds University helping them to think about the power of a teaching for mastery approach. She has been inspired to share a few ‘throwback’ snaps on her personal Facebook – but we’re under strict instruction that they’re not for diary consumption.

The team hopes you have a restful (and warm!) weekend.