15 May – 19 May 2017

15 May – 19 May 2017

It was an exciting week at the WRMH HQ, with Beth flying out to Germany for a short visit to provide some training! The team delivered some great sessions, with Jess and Stephen attending a LIME event in Oldham. In the meantime, others took some time out to do further planning for our Sep 2017 schemes of learning.



Beth’s week started on Sunday this week, as she headed off on a short maths ‘tour’. She spent Monday and Tuesday in Germany, or as the team now like to call it, “Beth’s second home”! She was there to deliver training to a British Forces school, where her first session was an Introducing Fractions lesson with Year 4. They enjoyed using visual representations to understand tenths, and they were able to articulate their learning in a much deeper way than they ever have before. The second session on Tuesday involved training on the CPA (Concrete Pictorial Abstract) approach. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to use concrete materials and pictures to explore mathematical concepts.


Jess and Stephen enjoyed presenting at the LIME (Leaders Improving Maths Education) Oldham event today, where they delivered some brilliant CPD sessions on encouraging talk in a secondary classroom and a refresher on our schemes of learning including exciting improvements coming up! It was a great opportunity to meet lots of schools keen to develop their maths practice. Here’s a look at one of Jess and Stephen’s CPD sessions from the event:

The WRMH also offers its own CPD training courses – these are great for developing a deeper understanding of concepts and learning how to implement them successfully in the classroom. To find out more about our CPD sessions, please contact us.


Jennifer was busy leading a Bar Modelling twilight session at a school in Manchester – she loved seeing how engaged the delegates were with the bar modelling techniques – they couldn’t wait to get back and try them out with their classes! Here’s a photo of Jennifer explaining how Bar Modelling can be used to teach ratios:

Bar modelling is unsurprisingly one of our most popular courses – it is an incredibly powerful tool, which can be used all the way from Year 1 to Year 11. To find out more about our Bar Modelling training, and to find your nearest provider, click here.


On Thursday and Friday, the Maths Hub team spent some more time doing further preparation for our Sep 2017 schemes of learning. There was lots more collaboration taking place, with a fantastic group of primary school teachers having an input to ensure the resources meet their teaching needs – take a look:

The popular schemes are part of the WRMH primary and secondary curriculum plan, which supports ‘Teaching for Mastery’. The new schemes will be shared through the TES website, and will be released on 20 June 2017.


The Maths Hub team continued their hard work and planning for our schemes of learning today. In other news, after her return from Germany mid week, Beth has been busy interviewing lots of candidates for new Primary Maths Specialists, as the maths hub is expanding at a rapid pace! We look forward to introducing the new additions to our team in the weekly diary soon.