7 – 11 November

A week of a huge competition launch, travel chaos, and Skype calls to America…  

Monday 7 November
The team were excited to be able to share some exciting news about a fantastic resources competition running in partnership with TES Resources. All schools are currently being invited to submit their mastery based resources, with the best ones winning prizes! More importantly, the resources are being reviewed by the team with the best ones being shared with schools and being available on a special teaching for mastery based resource platform. To find out more, click here!

Tuesday 8 November
Corrine spent the day speaking to a few schools interested in being part of a collaborative research project looking at reasoning at KS3. This is a great way to ensure your staff can develop reasoning skills in young people, and offers a range of support and resources to help achieve this. If you would like to find out more, please email the team at mathshub@trinitytsa.co.uk Paul diverted his attention from his usual focus on Bar Modelling, to deliver training on teaching for mastery, with a focus on questioning and variation – as always, he received some great feedback.

Wednesday 9 November
Snow hit Yorkshire, and caused travel chaos for most of the team. Despite well gritted and clear roads, over half of the team faced big delays on their journeys. The day got better – we welcomed back Miss Rose for a new video, and cannot wait to release the next instalment as she inspires everyone about the power of maths! Jill had a great meeting about the textbook project. Beth and Kelsey welcomed lots of teachers to a special free twilight in Calderdale around mastery. The team travel widely to deliver training, and after a week of local events Beth was heard to joke her husband was probably getting sick of seeing so much of her.

Thursday 10 November
Natasha had a busy day averting a potential issue and relocating training to another local venue as the cold snap affected the planned venue’s heating! Rather than risk shivering delegates, she decided to relocate and spent the day ensuring all delegates were aware of the move – thank you to everyone for their understanding! Tony spent the day in London at various maths related meetings regarding upcoming projects to support schools. Seeing musicals is a hobby of Tony’s, but there is never time between meetings and running for tubes, for him to squeeze in a matinee performance on his visits.

Friday 11 November
Hayley had a great session with Char Forsten, who is the keynote for our Bar Modelling conference on 17 November 2017. As well as a real expert, Hayley reports she is genuinely one of the nicest people she’s ever had the pleasure of speaking to. As well as asking about what schools would like to see, Char’s travel planner wanted to know about great places to visit in the region. Harrogate, York and Whitby were all put forward as must sees – any other suggestions?

The team have had an inspiring afternoon reviewing some of the resources submitted – the ideas and quality are exceptional! Choosing a winner will be a real challenge…