19 – 23 September

A very busy week with some time made for some vital team-building…

Paul remembered why he insists that he teaches on a daily basis as part of his role when his Year 11 class mastered the topic of fractions, and were literally flying with their GCSE style questions. He remembered to jot down the technique he found worked for use in future training.

Jennie, the newest member of the team had a busy day with Beth and Kelsey as they delivered School-to-School Support. Jennie is currently getting to grips with the systems and processes used to measure impact, as well as how as a service the team fully integrate into the schools being supported, to ensure that staff can fully benefit.

The team decided that it had been too long since they were all in one room, and went to a local Italian restaurant in the evening for a meal. Anyone who has hosted Tony will know he likes his food plain (nobody ever wants to share his no toppings Dominos pizza during late night working) and the team found his search for something without lots of herbs highly amusing.

Caroline has long being battling the perception that counters are only for primary schools. She is writing a course and resources about how to use counters with subtraction at a secondary level. She did however make a school girl error of leaving the lid off a box of 1,000 plastic counters. Kelsey, Jennie and Katy (who supports the hub one day a week) had a much better day, completing an initial draft of some exciting new early years resources.

The team met for a ‘train the trainer’ session. The hub works to ensure consistency across all training, whether this is an open course or in-house and all trainers undertake regular shadowing and group training. Hayley decided to run a special competition, a prize draw offering a free place on Bar Modelling training in Harrogate on Monday 27 September and another prize of a free place on the Calculating with Fractions course on Tuesday 28 September for anyone in the hub area who answered a quick poll question. This was far popular than anticipated, leaving Hayley wondering if perhaps she should run some more competitions?

The team – like all our readers – are pleased that a very busy week is coming to an end, and are busy gearing up for the next! The week ended on a high with a huge delivery to the new office of kits and resources. There was an almost festive area as boxes were open and everything was sorted.