2 May – 6 May

2 May – 6 May

A week of conference calls, new revelations on what you can do with a counter and some good news on our exciting project…

Monday: The team had a relaxing bank holiday weekend preparing for a busy week which saw Kelsey, Beth and Paul delivering Bar Modelling training sessions to a number of schools in the area.

Tuesday: Kelsey and Beth spent the day delivering bespoke support to help schools teach maths more effectively. Meanwhile, in the office Caroline tried to block out the distraction of male maths teachers who spent their lunch break swapping football stickers as she did the final proof for our KS3 assessments. These will be available at the end of May.

Wednesday: After a busy day of teaching, Paul geared up for a whole school Bar Modelling training session at Grimes Dyke Primary School in Leeds. The in-house training gave an introduction to the powerful technique of Bar Modelling and a chance for colleagues at the school to try out the approach. The evening was a success and attendees were impressed with the results that Bar Modelling can achieve. Paul even had the chance to throw in some anecdotes from his recent ukulele convention!

Thursday: Hayley (the member of the team that you often hear, and not see – she plans our conferences and writes our newsletters amongst other things!) had some exciting conference calls this week with a number of very important figures in the education world. The hub is thrilled to have secured the amazing Dan Haesler, Professor Marcus du Sautoy and Professor Barry Hymer for our 6 July conference. With more big names to be released, the conference promises to be an inspirational day for all – we will be launching soon!

Friday: The team were pleased to receive an email from Skipton Girls High School who work with the hub, updating us about some of the work they have undertaken as part of a new project. This week they held sessions on practical maths at Primary and topics included fractions, problem-solving questions and Shanghai techniques. We were thrilled to hear that the session received plenty of positive feedback.

Currently, the team are locked in a conference room, discussing top secret plans – more on this to follow!