21 – 25 November

 21 – 25 November

A stormy week, and preparing for our Shanghai guests…

Kelsey covered a few hundred miles in her car as the storms caused travel chaos, including stopping by Northampton train station to pick up a stranded Tony. The team reached their destinations and delivered the training courses, although Tony is insistent that Kelsey’s Christmas gift will be a copy of the Highway Code after Kelsey attempted to drive down a one way street. Kelsey says next time he can remain stranded, after his exaggerated stories about her driving skills to the rest of the team.

Paul and Hayley sat down to discuss Black Friday deals. As a hub, in addition to a range of free support we can provide from Maths Hub funding, we offer paid for training and support that has been developed in response to requests from schools. This year we plumped for 50% off our Introducing Fractions and Probability courses, plus £30 off our Bar Modelling conference on 16 February 2017. Offers run until Tuesday, so don’t miss out!

Jennie L had a great session delivering CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) training, whilst our administrator Natasha started looking at plans for our Shanghai visitors who will be flying in this weekend as part of the NCETM programme. This is another phase in the programme, and the host school Scholes Elmet will be welcoming schools from across the area to see our guests in action.

Caroline had a 5am start in preparation for the first Teaching Assistant mastery support programme – but she was delighted, as it involved packing up the goodies that will be gifted to delegates to use as part of their practical training and take to school at the end of the programme. Kelsey  delivered a special twilight around mastery for Bradford schools, rounding up a busy week for our popular trainer.

Natasha had a busy day taking over the phone bookings for our courses, and Jill had a great meeting as part of the TRG 2 work group project. The team took the first 2018 booking for whole school training on an INSET day – triggering an interesting discussion about why time seems to pass faster than everywhere else in education, because it honestly doesn’t seem two minutes since we did the first one of 2016…

Have a great weekend