22 May – 26 May 2017

22 May – 26 May 2017

It has been a very productive week at the WRMH HQ, with further planning for our new schemes of learning and more information about how these introduce ‘small steps’ as part of our response to feedback… there were also some great courses delivered throughout the week, as well as an exciting Early Years Foundation Stage training day.



Over Monday and Tuesday, the Maths Hub team booked some extra time to work on our Sep 2017 schemes of learning.  The planning for our popular schemes incorporates feedback from current users, as well as from teachers from across the country, who have been invited to share their ideas and thoughts. Examples of changes made include more teacher notes and guidance to help teach different concepts. The new and improved schemes of learning will be releasing on 20 June 2017, so keep a lookout for these!


The team continued their work on our schemes of learning, and also did some work on ‘small steps’. Again, this was requested by current users, who asked for ‘a breakdown of the small steps required to teach the content of the National Curriculum’. The WRMH team have responded to all the feedback they received, and are therefore currently working on a detailed and coherent step by step progression plan, which will make content easier to follow.


Stephen and Kelsey had a fantastic time delivering a full day of EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) training at a local school. They loved seeing how engaged delegates were with the sessions – take a look at some of the photos from the day:


Our WRMH courses extend from Early Years all the way up to Key Stage 4. You can learn more about our Early Years training provisions here. Stephanie was out leading a Bar Modelling twilight session on Wednesday – it was brilliant to see all the delegates getting fully involved and practising bar modelling techniques for different topics!


Kelsey and Stephen were busy delivering two separate CPA (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract) training sessions on Thursday – one in Scarborough and the other in Castleford. Both sessions went well, with delegates having the chance to try out lots of practical activities using concrete manipulatives. Our CPA courses provide some excellent teaching examples, which can be used in the classroom to explain mathematical concepts in a more meaningful way. Here are a few photos from the sessions they each delivered:



The Maths Hub team had a very productive all-day meeting to discuss developments and exciting new updates to our CPA courses. To find out more about our CPA training, please contact us. Jennifer also spent some time planning for a Year 4 model lesson she was going to be teaching. The model lessons we offer are a part of the WRMH school-to-school support, where our primary and secondary specialists work with teachers to deliver maths in a fun and engaging way for students.

In other news, all places for the WRMH maths trail at Yorkshire Sculpture Park have already been filled up overnight! The trail will be available to download for free after the event, taking place at the end of June.

The team loved spoiling Jennie with some gifts on her last day before maternity leave:

She even received a branded bib for the baby, with our #Everyonecan strapline – you are after all never too young to be inspired by maths! Good luck Jennie, we look forward to seeing the new arrival and discovering if it is a boy or girl!