26- 30 September

WRMH diary 26 – 30 September

An action packed week, fun checking EasyJet baggage allowances and some strange occurrences…

Jill spent a chunk of her day preparing for the upcoming TRG Mastery Introductory event. As one of our mastery workgroups, Jill is bringing together cohort 1 and cohort 2 to network and share ideas that can be communicated across the hub. The day is going to include learning so far, exploring how the workgroup can share practice with other schools, and  Four Operations training session.  In addition, Jill wants those schools who were part of the group last year to bring along an idea and share it with everyone.  Everyone who is part of the TRG group of schools should have received an email by now.

Beth and Steph spent the morning putting the final touches to the training that will be delivered to a British Forces school in Germany, and wondering how they could make sure they didn’t get stung by EasyJet’s ridiculous charging policy for having luggage exceeding the weight limit. Paul welcomed delegates from as far as Scotland and Torquay to his Bar Modelling training in Harrogate and was pleased to receive some exceptional feedback about the ‘inspirational’ session. Bar Modelling is of course one of Paul’s favourite topics.

Caroline continued to work on the secondary Schemes of Learning, and looking at how she can support schools to use these effectively. Lots of useful ideas and discussions for resources and support. Tony was in hot water with Hayley – the hub is looking at working on a special Masters degree for teachers. Having forgotten to tell her about the 8am meeting start, Hayley is hoping he will sort the pastries. We can’t say much at this stage, but this will be an incredibly exciting development – watch this space.

Beth and Emily delivered the next day of Years 5-6 TSST training, with all the other members of the team were also busy out delivering training in schools. Paul chauffeured Hayley to Manchester to view our unusual venue for  our Bar Modelling conference set to take place on 16 February 2017 – watch this space for the launch soon!

Jennie finalised the resources for our Maths Hub Strategic Partner meeting whilst the rest of the team wondered if they had entered the twilight zone. Kelsey and Jill again arrived in the same outfit. The team are asking if they are related, and are slightly disconcerted by the fact the pair seem to be able to finish each other’s sentences. The team managed a coffee together after a hectic week, and the talk of course soon turned to pets (something 90% of the team are obsessed with and the main topic of non-work related conversation). Poor Paul is excluded from this conversation with his allergies including pet fur, and not really taken with the suggestion that he could ‘get one of those bald cats that look like aliens.’

The team hopes readers have a restful weekend.


Kelsey and Jill in their 'twin outfits'

Kelsey and Jill in their ‘twin outfits’