27 March – 31 March 2017

27 March – 31 March 2017

It was a very productive week for the WRMH team HQ, who have been delivering Bar Modelling training, engaging with our fellow hubs as part of as a special collaboration meeting and shortlisting for Jennie’s maternity leave.



Kelsey was busy on a ‘tour’ of the South West on Monday and Tuesday, as she was working with Boolean Maths Hub in sunny Bristol! The hub engages regularly with our fellow hubs to share information and good practice. Here she is leading a CPD training session for primary school maths teachers:


Beth was running a Bar Modelling twilight session in Manchester today – these are great for exploring key mathematical concepts pictorially and giving delegates a chance to try them out. To find out more, click here. Jennifer spent the day adding the final touches to our free Diagnostic Questions to make sure these were at their best for SATs preparation – you can access these here. These free questions are a great way to test pupil knowledge, and many of our teachers tell us their classes really enjoy the questions as part of their daily routine. If you register students, the answers are even marked for you!


Bar Modelling has been a popular topic this week! Stephanie and Paul were out delivering a ‘Bar Modelling: Deeper Learning’ course on Tuesday. This intensive full day training acts as a bridge between concrete and abstract methods and gives delegates the skills and confidence to work on their own bar models. To find out why our Bar Modelling courses are such a popular offering, click here. Stephanie and Caroline also had a meeting today with one of the maths hub partners to discuss further exciting developments surrounding support packages for maths lessons – watch this space for further information!


Kelsey was at a local primary school today, delivering a model lesson for Year 4 – the children loved learning how they could use different methods to work out solutions to problems. Kelsey also worked with them on their communication skills – ensuring they always answered questions using full sentences. This really helps the children embed their learning. It was Stephen’s turn to deliver our second Bar Modelling one day course – the delegates particularly enjoyed seeing examples of how they can use Bar Modelling in the classroom, they are raring to get back to their classes and try it out!!


Today was a busy day for the team, with plenty of training booked. Kelsey led a CPA (Concrete-Pictorial- Abstract) session at a local college – the staff were excited to learn how they could use concrete manipulatives to develop a deeper understanding of maths for students of all abilities. Paul ran a half day course on Angles, training delegates on how they can teach this topic in a meaningful way that will help students understand the concepts. Meanwhile, Jennifer was out delivering one of our bespoke school-to-school support sessions. For further information on these, please contact us.


On Friday, Caroline was teaching a Y7 model lesson at a school in Reading – these are a fantastic way of observing how maths can be delivered in a fun and engaging way. The WRMH marketing team were excited to announce 3 winners of our Twitter competition, as today was the final TTS goodies give-away. A huge thank you to all our entries, and congratulations to our winners – keep your ‘problem of the day’ photos coming in! Jennie had a great day shortlisting some potential candidates for her maternity cover – her leave is flying around, and she has just a few weeks left until it is time to rest up and prepare for the arrival of her new baby!