20 March – 24 March 2017

20 March – 24 March 2017

It was a jam-packed week at the WRMH HQ, with some of the team travelling across the country to visit schools. In between delivering a wide range of training sessions, some members of the team were also inspired by the internationally renowned Yeap Ban Har at a Teaching for Mastery conference.



The WRMH team had a busy day today, with Caroline visiting a secondary school all the way down in Portsmouth to explore how the school can support a research project into the impact of teaching for mastery. Kelsey was in the office working on some exciting developments regarding support packages for maths. Beth and Stephen were staying local to deliver some maths training surrounding teaching fractions for deep understanding. Meanwhile, Stephanie spent the day at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for an important events meeting. More details on this will be released soon!


On Tuesday, Beth was delivering a Bar Modelling session at a Leeds university… to find out more about the courses we offer, click here. Caroline travelled from Portsmouth to Essex today to continue her school visits and loved seeing a class use lots of different manipulatives to explain what a fraction is. Kelsey spent some time  updating our Diagnostic Questions set to ensure there are plenty for schools to choose from in the run up to SATs – you can check these out here. Jenny spent the day at a local primary school, and then ran a CPA (Concrete Pictorial Abstract) twilight session in Leeds in the afternoon. The Y6 teachers loved learning how they could use concrete manipulatives, even with their high attaining pupils.


Caroline was paying a visit to a third secondary school in Essex today. The school visits are going brilliantly but the hotel breakfasts are starting to wear a little thin now! Meanwhile, Kelsey was at a Leeds primary school to deliver model lessons for Years 4 & 5 , the children loved learning how they could solve a problem in a variety of ways. For further information about our White Rose Maths Hub school-to-school support, please contact us. Jenny had an exciting couple of days on Wednesday and Thursday, as she was attending a Teaching Maths for Mastery course in Harrogate. She came back feeling inspired and full of fresh ideas, particularly after hearing from the Singapore bar method expert Ban Har!


Beth and Stephen were both supporting local Primary schools today, working with teachers and children really is the most rewarding part of this job.  They saw some fantastic lessons being delivered, with children using some impressive mathematical language to explain their thinking. Stephanie had a very productive meeting today with one of our associate partners to discuss exciting new projects – keep a look out for further information!


Beth delivered a Bar Modelling teaching sequence session today, explaining how Bar Modelling can be used in different contexts. Bar modelling is unsurprisingly one of our most popular courses, it is such a powerful tool that can be used all the way from Y1 to Y11. The WRMH team also announced the third winner of our WRMH Twitter ‘problem of the day’ competition. Keep your school’s ‘problem of the day’ photo entries coming in to have a chance at winning £50 of TTS goodies next week!