13 March – 17 March 2017

13 March – 17 March 2017

At the WRMH HQ, the team had an action-packed week – working on schemes of learning, delivering training sessions, having meetings for exciting new developments and even attending a conference!



On Monday, Caroline was leading a session for secondary school Heads of Maths in Salford. Meanwhile, Jennifer was staying local to deliver a maths session. Paul, Caroline and Stephen were all out of the office today, attending key meetings. In the meantime, Hayley from the WRMH marketing team was working hard designing leaflets for our in-house training sessions.


Today was a hectic day for all of the team! Caroline was out and about in Stoke supporting a school with teaching fractions for depth and understanding, the team were excited to learn how to divide fractions using a common denominator rather than their old trick ‘KFC’ method!  Earlier in the day, Kelsey was busy with planning for a Year 5 model lesson. In the afternoon, she also worked on the exciting new WRMH schemes of learning – look out for these coming soon! Stephanie was also busy, running a twilight session today based on Question Variation. Jennifer and Stephen were delivering a model lesson together to help staff provide fun maths lessons for their Year 4 students. The White Rose Maths Hub school-to-school support is an excellent solution for schools wishing to enhance their provision. For further information, please contact us.


On Wednesday, Stephen was out leading a full day Year 3 course which received some fantastic feedback from delegates. Tony, Caroline and Kelsey had a meeting today with one of the maths hub partners to discuss exciting future developments regarding support packages for maths lessons – watch this space for further information!


Today was another jam-packed day at the maths hub HQ, with the whole team getting together for a productive CPD meeting. Kelsey was working hard on updating our Year 1 learning schemes. Meanwhile, Jill was out delivering a maths session at a local high school in Keighley. Beth and Caroline took some time to ensure this week’s set of diagnostic questions were our best yet, if you haven’t seen these they are definitely worth a look – all free of course! You can check these out here.


Friday was particularly eventful – especially for Caroline, as it was deadline-day for the new Year 7 and Year 8 schemes of learning; these will be released at the end of the week once the final touches are added! Kelsey was also working hard, updating the Year 2 scheme of learning. Paul had an exciting day out, as he spent the day at an ‘independent thinking’ conference in Nottingham, and came back feeling inspired with lots of new innovative ideas for our maths hub!

On another note, the second winner of our WRMH Twitter ‘problem of the day’ competition was announced today by the WRMH team. Keep your school’s ‘problem of the day’ photo entries coming in to have a chance at winning £50 of TTS goodies next week!