6 March – 10 March 2017

6 March – 10 March 2017

This week at the WRMH HQ, the team were busy delivering training sessions, attending the Maths Hub Forum and also working on some exciting new developments – look out for these coming soon!



On Monday, Paul was busy running a CPD course, based on Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change. Meanwhile, Beth was out delivering a training session for a primary school in Calderdale; our in-house training is a great way to cost-effectively deliver whole school CPD.  Jennie spent the morning issuing information about a free maths course to be held in July at our dedicated training centre. Teachers of A-level mathematics will be particularly interested in this completely free course- click here for more information.


Jennifer spent a lot of her time today working on diagnostic questions for the maths hub. We are planning some exciting changes to our schemes of learning and assessments – keep an eye out for further information. Paul was out leading a great CPD Assessment for Learning session at a school. Beth was also staying local, as she was running a session for to help staff deliver exciting mathematics lessons for their Year 6 students. Our school-to-school support doesn’t just help schools with particular challenges; it also helps schools wishing to enhance provision. Contact us for further information.


On Tuesday and Wednesday, Caroline and Tony were at the Maths Hub forum working with the other Maths Hubs and the NCETM, reflecting on our work groups so far and talking about exciting future plans. This is a really inspirational day which brings together all the hubs, where updates are received and plenty of networking takes place! Pooja, our marketing intern was very happy to receive the photos from the recent WRMH ‘Bar Modelling’ conference which took place in Manchester. Here’s one of the WRMH team and the inspiring Char Forsten, all looking very smart (and slightly tired after the 6am start!)!

If you were part of this fantastic day, you can view the online gallery here.


Jill, our Teaching for Mastery lead, got the Primary specialists from all the Yorkshire Maths hubs together at the Queens Hotel in Leeds to reflect on their experiences so far. It was a great opportunity to meet everybody and Tony got everyone excited about the big plans for our schemes of learning for next year. Watch this space!

Today, Caroline, Beth, and Jill were attending a very productive strategic planning meeting where the team looked at next steps for the hub, particularly with our ever popular free schemes and assessments. Hayley, from the WRMH marketing team, spent the day working on a new flyer for the in-house training that the hub offers, to highlight how it can work for a teaching for mastery approach and explaining more about how the team recommends training which takes place in a particular order to ensure it is effective – look out for details of this in the next newsletter.


In exciting news, today the first winner of the WRMH Twitter ‘problem of the day’ competition was announced by the WRMH team. Keep your ‘problem of the day’ photo entries coming in to have a chance at winning £50 of TTS goodies next week! This competition has kept Caroline extremely busy – she posts the next day’s problem the evening before on our social media and has found that if she isn’t prompt, our super keen schools are in touch asking where the next day’s is! If you haven’t discovered these yet, or want to access the full archive, you can do so by clicking here.