28 November – 1 December

 28 November – 1 December

Christmas debates and lots of questions about assessments…

Tony had a great start to the week reviewing some of the resources submitted as part of the White Rose Maths Hub and TES resources competition – it seems that lots of people have waited to until the last week to send in their ideas! The competition closes on Friday 1 December, and a summary of the winners will be announced in our newsletter. The team were also delighted to meet our Shanghai visitors, and share with them that the observation sessions they will be running are now fully booked. Our visitors were met over the weekend in London by Jill and Kelsey – who found the return journey to Yorkshire occupied with discussions about all of our different coins!

After a great first Decimals and Percentages course Kelsey and Beth had a productive meeting regarding next steps of our assessments. Our schools are planning further and further ahead, and Caroline has been busy answering queries on Twitter regarding dates for spring and summer resources. We are doing our very best to prepare these as soon as we can, and as always will issue them as soon as possible – if you are registered for the schemes, you will receive the usual alert.

Natasha sparked a fierce debate in the office about ‘how early is too early for a Christmas tree?’ The office was very divided by her photos of her beautiful tree at home, which had already been up a week. She agreed to wait until Friday to decorate the office one. Paul visited a Teaching for Mastery teaching session and enjoyed the experience as a delegate – he trains all of our trainers and occasionally pops in to view a session from a delegate’s perspective and look for possible improvements.

Tony visited London to meet with the TES about the next steps for the resource platform, and how schools can access the great variety of submissions. The team were also looking at those shortlisted for the overall prizes – look out for an announcement in our next newsletter and on Twitter. The team continue to work with our Shanghai guests, Jill has been heading up our combined programme of learning and good old Yorkshire hospitality. We will be issuing a special newsletter sharing ideas for practice at the end of the programme.

A quiet day in the office as the team generally try and keep Fridays for meetings and visits, as the rest of the week is spent running courses and events. Natasha spent an enjoyable lunch break decorating the office for the festivities ahead, before submitting the final entries to the mastery resources competition – thank you