13 February – 17 February 2017

13 February – 17 February 2017

This week at the WRMH HQ can be described as action-packed (to say the least!), with the months of preparation for the Bar Modelling conference finally coming to an end as the event took place on Thursday. 



The WRMH team had a busy start to the week, with Jennie and Natasha preparing resources and printing exhibitor name badges for the upcoming ‘Bar Modelling’ conference. The marketing team, meanwhile, spent the day confirming exhibitor details and creating posters and documents for the delegate packs. Kelsey and Beth were busy on Monday with planning exciting new developments for the hub’s free learning resources – watch this space!


On Tuesday, Emily was busy hosting an Introducing Algebra course at The Maltings College – delegates were buzzing afterwards with new ideas for introducing algebra using concrete manipulatives. Caroline, Steph and Corinne are working hard on the Year 7 and 8 Spring assessments. They are looking great, so we are looking forward to releasing these very soon.


Today, Kelsey had a particularly eventful day with running two CPA (Concrete Pictorial Abstract) sessions – one at a college, and the other at a school. Caroline was also out delivering a session at a high school focused on ensuring all students are thinking in lessons – get those mini whiteboards out! The rest of the WRMH team were completing any little last-minute tasks before the conference tomorrow…


The big event was finally here! All those hours of preparation were put to the test, as the WRMH ‘Bar Modelling’ 2017 conference took place today. The maths hub team were off to a very early start, arriving at the venue for around 7am to start setting up. Exhibitors and delegates soon began to arrive, (after some motorway delays) and the day got off to a smooth start, with a great turnout.









Tea, coffee and the inspiring morning keynote from Char Forsten soon had everyone wide awake and ready to begin their bar modelling sessions. The maths hub admin team spent the day taking care of delegates, speakers, and exhibitors while the rest of the WRMH team were busy delivering sessions for KS1, 2 and 3. The final closing keynote with the enthusiastic Nick Tiley-Nunn left everyone feeling happy and inspired – a great way to round off the day!


There was no time for the team to rest on Friday, they remained busy with post-conference tasks, such as writing out thank you letters and emails. Kelsey attended a morning training session at a local school, while Jill spent the day at The Maltings College organising events involving the Primary maths specialists. Half term arrived just in time for a nice relaxing break after the conference…