6 February – 10 February 2017

6 February – 10 February 2017

Things have been particularly busy this week at the WRMH HQ, with only a week left until the Bar Modelling conference taking place next Thursday.



On Monday, the team were mainly busy delivering sessions. Jen presented an in-house Fractions twilight session, and Kelsey delivered a course on Decimals and Percentages. As always, these received great feedback from delegates! To take a look at our range of courses, please click here.


Today, Paul ran a Questioning and Variation session. It was also an exciting day as the team confirmed a third trip for Beth to visit a school in Germany to deliver whole school training and one of their staff will be flying over to attend the Bar Modelling conference next week. Beth secretly hopes to invest in a holiday home back in Germany, as there are several requests to deliver training here at the moment!


On Wednesday, Jennie, Steph and Stephen had a stall at the Textile Centre of Excellence to support a Kirklees Authority Mastery Maths event. It was a real success with some great feedback from delegates about using our resources and there was a lot of interest for whole school training, so we look forward to having a busy inbox over the next few weeks replying to enquiries. The team were also lucky enough to sit in one of Debbie Morgan’s sessions!


The admin team have been very busy working with marketing to get everything ready for the Bar Modelling conference next Thursday. Natasha was drowning in badges today ensuring all delegates have the details they need for the day in one handy place. The WRMH staff are looking forward to the day and are planning on hibernating in the office until the big day to make sure everything is organised and ready. Jen also ran another in-house Fractions twilight session today.


This week, the team welcomed a new Bar Modelling licenced partner on board. We still have the capacity to take on new licenced trainers, and encourage any interested schools to contact us sooner rather than later as geographical availability is becoming limited. Again, the team have been very busy preparing for the conference next week and organising minor details – not long to go now!