29 January – 3 February 2017

29 January – 3 February

We’d like to welcome readers back after a short diary break – things have been manic at WRMH HQ, and this week has settled down enough to check in with our usual report.


Tony spent the day responding to emails asking where the free daily Maths SATs Revision Streams for KS1 and KS2 could be found – the Sunday launch of the questions caused a slight meltdown at Diagnostic Questions HQ as the internet servers struggled with the massive volume of traffic. The technical wizards had it fixed very quickly, and you can access further information about these here, along with the Year 3 quizzes which support our free schemes of learning for Year 3.


The team set off on a train journey to London for the Mathematics Mastery conference. The train journey was a chance to finalise the range of workshops delivered at the event – as always the team love to be involved in anything that shares more about a maths mastery approach. The train journey also featured discussions about how the free schemes of learning and accompanying assessments can be developed and improved – further information to follow. The team also completed lots of planning for next year.


A sad day for the team as Kelsey confirmed her notice period has been finalised. Kelsey has landed a once in a lifetime opportunity to work for a British school in Tokyo. We’ll all miss Kelsey, but we are delighted that she has been successful in securing such an amazing position. Beth spent the day completing updates and reports on our school-to-school work, and the results of this. The rest of the team spent the day delivering some well-received presentations at the conference.



Steph and Caroline had another fantastic day of TA training, but the new location caused some logistical headaches for Jennie and Natasha who had to get all of the boxed resources to a new venue – it’s actually amazing what you can fit in a Fiat 500.


Hayley and Paul decided to start the day with a little generosity, expanding the number of free places in our Bar Modelling conference to two, one for Twitter and one for Facebook shares. It has been a massively popular competition, and a Hayley is very excited about drawing the winner at the end of the day. The team now has Char Forsten’s travel itinerary and we are making final arrangements with the venue. It’s not too late to book, click here for more information. You can also join our conference discussions via #BarModelconf