5 – 16 September

5 September – 16 September
A double diary, planning for the year ahead and a case of chair hunting…

The team decided to skip a diary for the first week back – after all, it’s a manic week and we thought that people would perhaps be too busy to pause and enjoy a read. Our first week back was an action packed one, and we were delighted to welcome Steph and Jenny as Primary Maths Consultants and Corrine as a Maths Consultant. Caroline also formally commenced her new role as a Maths Consultant,  announced before the summer.

The expanded team has meant a new office and the first week back has seen the team working hard to get the space in ship shape ready for an incredibly busy week…

Monday: Tony welcomed the full team to their new Maths Hub office – ensuring of course, that the tour covered the most important aspect of all – the tea and coffee making facilities. With a busy week ahead, the new expanded team held a planning meeting. There was just enough time for Beth and Kelsey to share more about training delegates in Tokoyo during the summer, and distribute some of the rather unique gifts they’d brought back for the team.

Tuesday: Jennie and Natasha, our Administrators, battled through the sticky heat to prep packs for the hundreds of delegates benefitting from our in-house training the next day. Jennie also tackled a priority job – removing the very annoying ‘hold’ ring tone on the new direct bookings line and making sure all the team had a chair. With the new office up four flights of stairs, the office equipment delivery company had decided to leave part of the order on the ground floor.

Wednesday: As Tony says, as well as the record being set for the hottest September, a new record was set for the hub. Six members of the team delivered training in schools across the North of England, on everything from Bar Modelling to questioning. Jennie took advantage of an empty office to create a new highly organised stationary store. Jennie is rather particular with her organisation, and the team are making sure that they maintain her high standards.

Thursday: Corrine trialled a piece of work at the lead school in the hub, Trinity Academy. Corrine met with lead teachers at the academy, sharing how they could lead mathematics teaching and learning across their departments. Tony also lead a great planning meeting about the next steps for the wonderful Miss Rose!

Friday: Hayley and Paul had an exciting meeting to look at some shortlisted venues for the hubs annual conference early next year. We can’t say much at this stage, but we expect a very exciting speaker to be flying in from America who hasn’t spoken much in the UK. More to follow. Poor Caroline didn’t have the best end to her week. Tino the horse’s vet bill for ligament damage arrived – in the same week Tino managed to accidently stand on one of poor Rusty the dog’s toes. Caroline assures us Rusty is fine and was cheered up by lots of treats. We hope Tino is back to his usual naughty self soon!

Rusty was cheered up with treats!

Rusty was cheered up with treats!