4 July – 8 July

4 July – 8 July

A week of international interest, a video going viral and an inspirational conference …

Monday: Caroline began her week by leading a head of maths meeting for schools in Oldham. The attendees were keen to implement our schemes of work in their schools and we look forward to hearing how they get on. Meanwhile, Kelsey was closer to home delivering a Place Value CPD course to a group of Trinity Academy Halifax teachers to help prepare them for their student’s transition from primary to secondary. In the office, Jenny shared the exciting news that an enquiry from Germany had been received.

Tuesday: Kelsey spent the day finalising the mark schemes and spreadsheets for the summer assessments. These can be downloaded here and are a great learning tool for your classroom. Kelsey would like congratulate all KS2 teachers who received their SATs results today. In the afternoon, Jennie, Edele and Emily visited Leeds United to set up for the much anticipated Maths: Everyone Can conference. With banners assembled and delegate bags packed and ready, all that was left to do was to get a good night’s rest. However, this proved difficult for some team members as they were just too excited for the big day to arrive.

Wednesday: The team were up bright and early for the day they had all been waiting for – our Maths: Everyone Can conference. On the journey to Leeds United, Tony rehearsed his opening speech one final time and Emily was on standby for the release of the hub’s debut video. The video introduced our newest member of the team, Miss Rose. Miss Rose explains that with hard work, practice and belief we can all succeed at mathematics. With Jo Boaler making a guest appearance in the video, as well as Paul and his elaborate Hawaiian shirt, the video is definitely worth a watch and can be viewed here. The video is the first in a collection that the hub will create over the year and encourages schools across the country to host their own week of inspirational maths. And, it has already gone viral with celebrities, Mark Labbett (The Beast) and Dallas Campbell retweeting. Missed out on the day? You can access Miss Rose’s resources here. The day was packed with eye-opening workshops and keynote speeches including stretching pupil’s mindsets with Dan Haesler and seeing mathematics as a creative art with Professor Marcus Du Sautoy.  Described as thought-provoking, exciting, inspirational and entertaining, it is safe to say that the conference was a great success and the start of an exciting year for the hub.

Thursday: There was no time to rest for Tony, Paul and Beth who stayed in the city to work with The University of Leeds to potentially design a new accredited course for 2017-18.  More details will be revealed soon, so watch this space. In the afternoon, Hayley and Emily were delighted when Caroline visited with gifts as a thank you for the work done for the conference. The chocolate was just what we needed – thanks Caroline!

Friday: The team reflected on a great evening of meeting the new Cohort 2 Mastery Specialists. As the WRMH never does things by halves, there was a full spread of food and drinks and lots of entertaining activities to get to know the new members. We would like to welcome Bevan, Chris, Mike and Zara to the team and look forward to working with them next year.  The hub would also like to take the opportunity to thank Rebecca, Paula, Becky and Emma for all their hard work during the year.


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