6 June – 10 June

6 June – 10 June

A week of eye-opening courses, an epic road trip and an inspirational day of training…

Monday: Following a week of fun half term activities, the team got on with some serious maths work. Emily Fox (she delivers many of our subject specialism courses) fine-tuned her presentation for her TSST session which will be delivered in partnership with guest speaker, Debbie Morgan – NCETM’s Director for Primary. This course will take place on 22 June 2016 and you can find out more here.

Tuesday: Kelsey and Beth had the pleasure of visiting the North West 1 Maths Hub for a lesson study course. On her return, Kelsey explained that the course was fantastic and a real eye-opener. The course included looking at open ended problems and how these can support working collaboratively. Thanks to everyone who made the meeting so great. It was a pleasure meeting Deborah and Tom from the Surrey Hub who are doing some fantastic work on adapting our schemes of learning. We are excited to see what they have done.

Wednesday: Beth had a jam-packed day. In the morning she delivered Y1, Y2, Y4 and Y6 lessons to model new concepts and ideas. Each lesson was observed by a number of teachers and learning assistants who gained an insight into innovative teaching methods. She then rushed back just in time for her Twilight TSST session. Meanwhile, Kelsey locked herself in her office – on purpose! She tweaked the Summer Assessments which demanded her undivided attention. These will be released towards the end of the month. She also put the finishing touches to our brand new Place Value for Mastery course.

Thursday: Paul geared up for his epic road trip. Over the next week he will be visiting Bradford (13 June) and Birmingham (15 June) for the Bar Modelling: Deeper Learning sessions. These sessions equip delegates with a full understanding of how the powerful technique of Bar Modelling can transform maths teaching in all schools. These courses have been extremely popular and if you would like to secure your place before it’s too late, please click here.

Friday: Katie (our resident secondary maths teacher) spent the day recovering after the second GCSE maths exam. She was very happy to find a delicious cake in the office – all GCSE teachers definitely deserved it! Beth, Tony and Caroline were thrilled to host the WRMH Teaching for Mastery Tapas event for the Yorkshire Anglican Teaching School Alliance. The day saw 60 schools from across the Yorkshire region joining together for a day of inspirational training.

Hear more from our inspirational event next week!