Maths: Everyone Can – are you ready to unlock the power of the Bar Modelling approach?

Bar models can be a versatile tool for children, to help them illustrate basic concepts and solve complex word problems.

Continuing the story of the importance of CPA, our latest CPD package offers a variety of materials which aim to enthuse, guide and support your staff in making the most of the power of Bar Modelling.

The package comprises of:

  • A video (see below), in which Miss Rose discusses the importance of Bar Modelling to her colleagues, and shows how Bar Modelling can support children throughout their education.
  • A PowerPoint presentation which forms the basis for 1 hour CPD session for your staff team.
  • A set of presenter’s notes which offer prompts and suggestions for the session.

Together, these materials aim to introduce the importance of Bar Modelling as a tool to support children ‘to see beyond what the eyes can see’.

These CPD materials (which you can download via the links above) are completely free of charge. As always, welcome your feedback on our work – please contact us with your feedback and suggestions.