SST03: Calculating with Fractions

SST3: Calculating with Fractions

This specialist course will support you to understand how to help students to be able to develop a deep understanding of how to calculate with fractions, and how you can effectively introduce the core techniques involved. Areas covered include:

• Finding a fraction of an amount.

• Adding and subtracting like, related and unrelated fractions.

• Adding and subtracting with proper fractions, improper fractions, mixed numbers and integers.

• Multiplying fractions by integers.

• Multiplying fractions by fractions.

• Dividing integers by fractions.

• Dividing fractions by integers.

• Dividing fractions by fractions.

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Price: £129 + VAT, plus 25% discount for second delegates. This course counts as a six hour session for season ticket holders.

Dates and locations:

Tuesday 4 July 2017 – The Maltings College, Halifax

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