Lower Key Stage 2

A hands-on, practical full day session to ensure you can master place value. You will explore key techniques and topics including: • Discovering number through concrete

There are four operations in maths that help us to problem-solve. They are addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. This practical and inspiring session will help

This specialist course will support you to understand how to help students to be able to develop a deep understanding of how to calculate with

The topics of decimals and percentages are crucial to success. This intense course will help delegates to introduce and embed the skills and knowledge needed

In response to demand from schools, we have introduced a specific understanding fractions course. When introduced effectively, students can enjoy the topic of fractions. This

This specialist half day session will equip delegates with the core tools and techniques to teach these topics to students and includes practical demonstrations that

Where do you begin when introducing fractions? How can you support children and young people in understanding what a fraction is? It’s always important to

What do teachers think about when they plan a lesson? ‘What resources should I use?’ ‘What do I want the students to do?’ How often

Reasoning and problem solving are core skills for all students. This practical and comprehensive course will provide a broad range of ways to help students