Teaching for Mastery

Teaching for mastery is crucial in embedding skills and knowledge in students. The Government has of course recognised the significance of this approach. The recent National Curriculum in mathematics and the GCSE syllabus underline the importance and value of teaching approaches that give students the best chance of securing both deep understanding of mathematical concepts and fluency in applying them.

As a hub, our teaching for mastery range has been hugely popular, with schools looking to move to this approach. For 2016 – 17, the course has been updated into more specific blocks which can be used as stand-alone sessions or bolted together for a more comprehensive training package.

These intense courses help teachers deliver both depth and breadth, and ensure that students grasp the fundamental concepts that unlock the door to mastery.

What do teachers think about when they plan a lesson? ‘What resources should I use?’ ‘What do I want the students to do?’ How often

Reasoning and problem solving are core skills for all students. This practical and comprehensive course will provide a broad range of ways to help students