Maths: Everyone Can – Miss Rose is back with a new video and resources to support group work

Increased independence, heightened self-confidence and higher level reasoning skills are just a few of the benefits from working together in maths.  

Continuing the story of the importance of CPA, this CPD package offers a variety of materials which aim to inspire, guide and support your staff in making the most of collaborative learning in maths.

The package comprises of:

·         A video, in which Mr White makes his debut, and shares his humorous perspective on the benefits of working together in maths.
·         A PowerPoint presentation which forms the basis for 1 hour CPD session for your staff team.
·         A set of presenter’s notes which offer prompts and suggestions for the session.

Click here to download these (please note this is an external link).

Together, these materials aim to demonstrate how working together can support children in maths. It also explores the positive, effective ways to overcome barriers that may be presented when working together in maths. To download these great materials, simply use the links above. 

These CPD materials are available completely free of charge and, as always, we welcome all feedback on our work at The White Rose Maths Hub and the materials we produce.