INSET and Twilight Training

In the past year we have provided INSET and twilight training to over 2000 teachers from schools far and wide.  We understand that at times it may be more convenient and cost-effective for your training to be delivered in-house, and of course training all staff is a particularly powerful way to deliver knowledge and skills across your whole team.

All of the courses that we offer through our Maths Hub including our Teacher Subject Specialist Training can be delivered at your school. We also offer a number of courses designed for whole-school and INSET training, as detailed below.

Bar Modelling

Why are students in Singapore so good at number and algebra problems?  This course discusses a Singapore teaching strategy that represents mathematical concepts as simple diagrams.  During the workshop, your team will look at how these diagrams can help students understand the meaning of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, ratios and algebra.  This intensive session will also look at how Bar Modelling skills can be used to help make complex worded problems accessible to all students.

 Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract

Are you looking to develop a more hands on and visual approach to maths in your school? This course will offer your team the chance to explore lots of different manipulatives and learn how to use them effectively. Attendees will learn how to plan lessons so children move from concrete manipulatives to pictorial representations before finally using an abstract method. This course will help your team to think about how manipulatives can help develop and deepen children’s understanding of key concepts. This is a hands on course that will leave delegates excited to get back to the classroom and transform your teaching.

Questioning in Mathematics

What do teachers think about when they plan a lesson?  ‘What resources should I use?’  ‘What do I want the students to do?’ How often do we think ‘what do I want students to think about? What questions can I ask to get them thinking?’ This course looks at how to enhance a teacher’s questioning skills and how plan questions that challenge students and deepen their understanding.  The workshops are practical, thought provoking and equip teachers to put what they learn into practice the very next day.

Interested in our in-house options? We work to ensure our packages are as cost-effective as possible please contact us for details of charges.