Maths School to School Support

We have a range of primary and secondary specialist maths teachers who can support maths teaching in your school.  This support is bespoke to you, and some of the ways we have supported schools include:

  • Delivering bespoke training on aspects of mastery (such as Questioning in Maths, Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract, Bar Modelling) – INSET and twilight events 
  • Joint planning (and delivery) with teachers
  • Subject training for support assistants
  • Support for introducing Singapore textbooks
  • Coaching for ‘Outstanding’
  • Individual teacher support
  • Leadership support for new Heads Of Departments or maths leads
  • Department reviews in secondary and maths reviews in primary.

Please note that this is bespoke support charged for on a cost-effective consultancy basis. We encourage you to contact us without obligation to discuss your needs – we offer a confidential, supportive service for your school and your teachers.

A number of schools that we work with have been able to apply through their local authority for support and we able to assist you with bidding for support funds.

As a hub, we will work to secure the support you need – even if it is something we cannot provide. We work with Teaching School Alliances and their specialists from across the country, and we are always happy to connect schools with support where necessary.

James Procter, Headteacher, Hothfield Junior School (November 2015)

Kelsey was excellent – very positive, clear and practical – she pitched it just right – supporting our staff to make their own choices and decisions – but expertly steered by Kelsey in the right direction! She really helped to validate and give confidence to what we are trying to do in terms of the shift towards a mastery approach… So thank you Kelsey and well done.

Khalsa Science Academy (Nov 2015)

The academy’s partnership with Trinity Academy, Halifax from the White Rose Maths Hub is having a positive impact on the teaching and learning of mathematics as well as the tracking of pupils’ progress in mathematics. Although the mathematics specialist from the Hub primarily supports the work in Key Stage 1, training has been delivered to all academy staff, meaning that the benefits are academy-wide. For example, teachers in all classes are incorporating regular problem-solving opportunities into lessons and pupils are tackling mathematical challenges with improved confidence and ability. These skills are also serving pupils well in subjects other than mathematics.

Old Town Primary (Dec 2015)

During the Autumn 2015 term, Kelsey worked with Old Town Primary School teachers to develop our understanding of the mastery approach to mathematics and to share good practice. Her input has been invaluable! I would go so far as to say, the involvement of the White Rose Maths Hub and specifically Kelsey’s contribution, has completely reinvigorated our mathematics teaching. Kelsey worked alongside teachers to help plan, deliver and even demonstrate mastery teaching techniques by taking on classes and allowing our staff to observe her in action. Most importantly, she has managed to do all this in a very friendly, supportive and (crucially) non-threatening way. These are the words that my staff have used and I feel this can’t be underestimated as so often teachers are observed and judged but without the person watching being prepared to step into their place. Kelsey was more than happy to knuckle down and work alongside staff rather than simply throw ideas at them. She has made the mastery approach seem not only accessible but has inspired our staff to take it on board completely. We are very grateful for her help and look forward to some follow-up work in the new year.